Movie Review: Glass Onion, A Knives Out Mystery


Glass Onion (2022) | Netflix | Protected under Fair Use

Shiven Jain, Staff Writer

Mysteries have become worn out after the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Nancy Drew have dominated the genre for over a century. With hundreds of books and thousands of TV episodes, it becomes tiring to continue wondering if there will ever be a great change. 

Glass Onion seems to do just that: provide a reprieve from the overused as it explores new concepts of power, money, revenge and love. Billionaire eccentric Miles Bron invites his five greatest friends for a weekend of fun, intrigue, action, drinking, and unforgettable memories by throwing a murder mystery bash on his private island in Greece. The attendees are scientist Lionel Toussant, Connecticut governor Claire Debella, fashion designer Birdie Jay, men’s rights streamer Duke Cody, and former CEO Cassandra Brand who is very much estranged from the rest of the group. 

Adding to the intrigue, amidst them is the foremost detective Benoit Blanc, having received an invitation mysteriously not from Miles, the host. Blanc has never spoken with the attendees, including Miles, and no one can say what he’s meant to be doing. It is hypothesized that Blanc was invited secretly by one of the others so as to perpetuate the story, yet Blanc is scared that an actual death will take place as tensions run high and the power hungry are vying for more success. 

While the plot of the movie is refreshingly different from others in the genre, with intertwining stories catapulting the viewer into the seat of the detective as he navigates the eclectic group, there seems to be a lack of a coherent story arc. While it ultimately all wraps neatly in a bow, the viewer is left wondering how they got there. 

Surrounding themes of betrayal, familiarity, shock, and greed, Glass Onion was good for a watch, but I hope nothing like it ever happens again.