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What Even is a Hilltopper? Students on Science Hills New Mascot
Front Page
"What Even is a Hilltopper?" Students on Science Hill's New Mascot
Lillian Ellis, Staff Writer • October 11, 2023

"Toppy the Top Hat" made his debut at Science Hill's first pep rally of the season this month, taking his first public steps guided by two cheerleaders directing his path. It's the first time in years...

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So You're Burnt Out. Now What?
Lara Waldrop, Staff Writer

Burnout is something that affects many students, especially those who are driven and academically motivated. It can be overwhelming and stressful...

Science Hill Students Reflect on Tennessee Governors School
Science Hill Students Reflect on Tennessee Governor's School
Sophia Stone, Editor In Chief

This summer, 12 Science Hill students attended one of eleven Tennessee Governor's Schools, often abbreviated as “Gov School” by students...

Track athletes going through warm-up drills before a strenuous workout.
Distance, Dedication, & Direction: Track & Field at SHHS
Britten Dugan, Staff Writer

Take a moment to consider the last time you saw track and field athletes at Science Hill in their element. You may have seen a pack of distance...

Original Artwork for the Herald
Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over?
Erick Trejo, Staff Writer

Buzz! Ding! Ring! The vibrating buzz of a received message, the tone of a notification, and the resounding ringing of an incoming call are sounds...

Get Involved: Exploring Our Schools Clubs
Get Involved: Exploring Our School's Clubs
Lillian Ellis May 27, 2024

From table-top gamers, to robot mechanics, our school is teeming with exciting groups, each offering something special for students. Whether you're into...

House Speaker Removed in an Unexpected Move
Lillian Ellis

This past October, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, was removed from his leadership position through a rarely used...

Calculus Christmas
Calculus Christmas
Astha Patel

“Bring your Christmas cheer because the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus is a gift!”   Calculus Christmas is a tradition for Mr....

Credit: TR Dunn
Science Hill Dominates Dobyns-Bennett
Mariah Howell, Staff Writer

Science Hill and Dobyns-Bennett have been rivals for decades. When the teams meet for any competition, there is an intense sense of competitiveness...

Is Affirmative Action Ethical?
Is Affirmative Action Ethical?
Astha Patel, Staff Writer • October 11, 2023

Since the beginning of minority-favoring policies in the late 1960s, a new way of viewing affirmative action has emerged. The forgotten history...

Traditional dishes and cultural activity booths were featured at the Langston Centre.
Tri-Cities Chinese Association celebrates Moon Festival, honors heritage
Sophia Stone, Editor In Chief

Though the full moon is still days away, Johnson City’s Langston Centre filled with Chinese lanterns, traditional dishes, and cultural activity...

Community members enjoy fresh fruit and traditional dishes under a Bays Mountain shelter
Tri-Cities Chinese Association Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival with Food, Family
Sophia Stone, Editor In Chief

Amid the smells of spit-roasting meat and steaming rice dumplings, the Tri-Cities Chinese Association (TCCA) hosted its annual celebration of...

St. Patricks day Shamrock Shake
Hillside Cafe Expands Business, Trains Students
Gianna Mancini, Staff Writer and Photographer

The Hillside Cafe: Science Hill’s own mini starbucks. Started in 2016, the cafe has provided many students with opportunities to learn how...

Science Hill Standouts Talk Community Service, Leadership
Science Hill Standouts Talk Community Service, Leadership
Erick Trejo, Staff Writer • October 19, 2023

Cleaning up hiking trails, building a food pantry, public speaking, and raising nearly 100 thousand dollars for charity are only some of the...

Supporting Symphonies: Orchestra Feature
Supporting Symphonies: Orchestra Feature

It's well-known that Science Hill has its own orchestra. Students gather daily in the auditorium to rehearse their music, forming close bonds...

Teens in Crisis series cover
Teens Talk About Mental Health

Mental health. To John, it’s the way someone perceives the world. It reminds him of colors tied to emotions; sadness as gray and anger as blue.  Noah...

Original artwork for the Herald
Mental Health Resources at Science Hill

Let’s face it: we're all a little stressed out right now. We need to balance our grades, social lives, extracurriculars, and jobs all at once....

Kevin Smith (#58) prepares for the play.
Quick Football Recap: 2022 Season
Alexandra Carlson, Staff Writer • November 7, 2022

What a season for the Toppers! Not only did the Science Hill football team win eight of their thirteen games, but the Toppers made it to the...

School Spirit at Football Games
School Spirit at Football Games
Alexandra Carlson, Staff Writer

Let’s go Toppers! As we continue through our fall sports season it’s important to remember to support our Toppers. Being in the stands, yelling...

September in Review: Football Recap
Molly Wilgus, Staff Writer
Seniors Molly Wilgus and Tatyanna Beatty catch us up on SHHS football season with final scores. player interviews, and strategy breakdowns.
Poetry: SPEAK
Kate Carter, Student Contributer • February 28, 2023
Prompt: Write About Freedom: Enjoy the Life You've Been Given
Samuel Moody, Student Contributor • February 28, 2023
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A Mystery Series You’ll Want to Read
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