School Spirit at Football Games

Alexandra Carlson, Staff Writer

Let’s go Toppers! As we continue through our fall sports season it’s important to remember to support our Toppers. Being in the stands, yelling cheers, dressing to the theme, and wearing Topper merchandise all help promote our school spirit.

School spirit is an easy way of uniting a school and a whole community. People with dozens of different ethnicities, religions, and beliefs have the opportunity to come together and support a common cause. Students from all different friend groups come together to have a good time. Having a city-wide commonality can increase morale and make everyone feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves.

Being in the student section can heighten the game experience for both athletes and those in the stands. Julia Gilmore, a Science Hill varsity cheerleader, says “Seeing all of the students dressed up, having a good time and cheering with us always makes the game environment more fun!”

Riley Thomason, another varsity cheerleader, tells me, “I love when the student section is completely dressed out! I feel like it connects the students to the game and really just enhances the experience.” Though it may feel like yelling silly cheers in the stands is more for your own enjoyment, rather than supporting the athletes, having people in the stands supporting the Toppers truly can help our teams.

Football player Ben O’Daniel says “The student section really helps later in the game when everyone is hurting and tired.” Riley Thomason agreed. “The bigger the crowd, the bigger the work ethic!”

Participating in school spirit goes far beyond supporting athletes. Participation in school activities is linked to how students learn and grow. Studies have shown that students that participate in school spirit perform better academically, are more engaged in social activities, and are happier in general. Varsity Brands, an athletic apparel company, conducted a poll and found that students with higher levels of school spirit are more likely to plan their future education and perform above average in academics. Principals report that students with higher levels of school spirit are more confident, happier, better leaders, and are more active in their community. So even if you have little interest in sports, participate in school spirit because it can benefit you!