Join Model U.N. (Or Else)


Shiven Jain

The Model U.N. team poses at a November conference

Shiven Jain, Staff Writer

With the primaries approaching and the appearance of peaceful relations completely in ruins, community, at home and all over the globe, has never been more important. A political buzzword to most, diplomacy, is at the center of our country’s aspirations. Ukraine is a wasteland; Iran is a hotbed for social reform and destabilizing change; the UK is reeling from the death of the world’s most beloved monarch, and, to top it all off, Donald Trump and Kim Jung-un have been harboring narcissist fantasies of one another with which only Bridgerton could wish to compete in drama, intrigue, guile, and romance. The world is without stability, teetering at the edge of the era of the common person. To manage it all is the United Nations, the great peace-keeping power on the global stage. 

There is no right answer when it comes to compromise, and when communications span 7 billion people, beliefs, and conditions, things can get messy. The UN is not perfect, and the diplomats who run it are only human. However, training starts young when creating the most seasoned, well-reasoned, and strategic diplomats. Here at Science Hill High School, the Model UN club has the great opportunity of experiencing, first-hand, life in the United Nations. 

The club is sponsored by Mr. Samuel and spearheaded by co-presidents Amanda Noe and Shiven Jain, juniors. Delegates get opportunities to research the relationships between leadership, the people, and the laws a country passes, and they culminate by drafting their own bill which will be voted on by a council of their peers. The delegates will journey to a conference in March as their trial-run in MUN. 

We all hope that the spring affords us opportunities to expand the club and include more students in the fold. Until then, wish the delegates luck in their adventures into international politics.